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Lead generation no cure no pay

Lead generation with SEO no cure no pay is the online marketing strategy of choice for quality leads & conversions! Why? Let’s explain this by means of a sounding situation:

You have worked hard. As a reward you slide your feet under the table for a delicious steaming meal. Just then the phone rings. When you pick up, you will hear a marketer routinely rattle that you shouldn’t miss his offer. You try to interrupt him politely until you finally push the phone furiously. And notice that your food has become lukewarm in the meantime.

Do you recognize this nightmare? Then why would others deliver him? With lead generation you have a solution that puts cold calling out of the world for good. This way everyone can enjoy my time again. And you achieve even better results with it!

Get leads, not just clicks. We help you target and engage your local customers based on data, deep insights and an integrated marketing strategy with a pay per lead ROI filosophy.

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Why lead generation with SEO?

1. The first result in Google’s organic search results has
an average CTR of 31.7%.
The second result is 24.71%.
The third result is 18.66%.
The fourth result 13.60%
The fifth result is 9.51%.

2. The organic result number 1 has 10x more chance of a click compared to number 10.

Lead generation

Google Analytics

There’s an old saying that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Our dedicated web analytics practice helps companies turn data into insights to better connect with customers in the digital world.

Thorough Keyword Analysis

A thorough keyword analysis ensures the correct structure of the website. This analysis of keywords makes it possible to guide the desired visitors to the website. We learn who your target audience is, how and what they are looking for, which combined keywords they use, and which keywords ensure a lead / conversion / purchase.

Google Ads – Search Advertising (SEA)

We also grow your business initially with Google Ads. This is how your customers reach when they are looking for your business on Google Search and Maps. Only pay for ads that show what you have to offer.

SEO Optimization (SEO)

Stop just selling. Use SEO to capture awareness questions early on through relevant content. We implement a sophisticated SEO strategy by leveraging accumulated data in conjunction with the current state of your industry.

Conversion optimization

Convert visitors into customers. In conversion optimization we learn more about who your potential customers are and what they are looking for. With this accumulated knowledge, we convert them into conversion by anticipating and responding to their needs.


Creating a strong brand that stands out with an effective brand strategy that gives you a big edge in increasingly competitive markets.

Lead generation for start-ups and growth companies

First and foremost: what is an SEO lead?
SEO leads are a fancy English word for prospects or potential customers. Basically, they are just people who are interested in your products or services, but are not immediately prepared to buy something. People who have submitted their details to receive a brochure or an e-book are good examples of a lead or prospect.

The difference with the annoying cold caller above is that for a lead, nobody’s meal is ruined. After all, you did not impose yourself, because a lead is by definition someone who has taken the first step to a company to receive more information. Leads are therefore a lot more constructive than a cold caller.

Lead generation SEO, what is it?

Now that you have understood what an SEO lead is, we are happy to explain what lead generation SEO means. Lead generation is a marketing strategy. You use this strategy to persuade prospects to leave their details in a form on your website or another communication channel. In return, prospects usually receive something that is of value to them, such as a podcast, an e-book or a good old brochure. Think of it as the first step in a long-term relationship.

Lead generation is relatively new in the marketing world. As a result, it happens quite often that people don’t understand what I’m doing when I tell them that I’m creating content for lead generation. That’s why I prefer to describe my daily activities as follows: “With content for lead generation I attract new prospects by presenting our company seductively. For example, I post messages on various blogs that spark their interest. Once their interest is high enough, they want to work with us of their own accord. ”

What makes SEO lead generation so effective?

The big difference between lead generation and other marketing techniques is that the relationship between your company and your prospects is a natural relationship. As a result, a prospect will automatically think of your company when he needs your type of products or services.

Lead generation is a cog in the bigger picture of inbound marketing, a form of marketing that consists of converting, closing and having fun. Lead generation plays a major role in the conversion phase in inbound marketing. In other words, in the phase that starts when you have attracted your target audience and ends when they transform into a prospect. That makes lead generation an indispensable milestone in your buyer journey.

How can you qualify SEO leads?

You now know that a SEO leads are persons who have shown an interest in your products or services. But showing interest can be done in the most diverse ways.

In the case of SEO lead generation, the main aim is to arouse someone’s interest in obtaining data. People can leave their data for several reasons. They may want to learn more about what you are offering. In that case, they will more easily leave their details to receive a brochure, or to download an e-book in which you explain more about your field. But someone can just as well fill in their details to receive a discount coupon or to submit their application for a vacancy.

Lead generation therefore changes depending on the situation, the target group and the products or services you offer. Yet there is also a constant: data is always requested. After all, when a surfer fills in data, you know that you have a lead that shows sufficient interest to build further.

WLead generation meaning?

You now understand what a lead is and how lead generation is part of inbound marketing. Now we can dive deeper into the matter. Because lead generation in turn consists of other small parts. These are the main ones:

Landing page: A landing page is a specific type of web page, which is specially designed to meet the needs of a particular type of visitor. In the context of inbound marketing, however, that visitor will have to fill in their details to really meet that need completely.
Form: This data is entered by a lead on a form with multiple fields. As a reward for that effort, the lead receives an offer that has a fair value to him at that time.
Call to action: to give a surfer a final push to fill in his data, we use a call to action. This is a commonly used marketing term that stands for an encouragement to perform an action. With lead generation, that action is therefore filling in a form. A call to action is usually a piece of text, but it can also be an image, a button …
Offer: the offer is the bait with which the user is tempted to fill in his details. An ideal offer is of course the full content he was initially looking for when he clicked on your landing page. That content needs to be interesting enough, otherwise your lead won’t just leave their details.

Can’t just buy leads?

Yes, you certainly can. In fact, we have no problem admitting that buying leads is much easier and faster. But is it also effective? No, far from it. It brings you next to nothing, except for risks that are not negligible.

When you buy leads, you are essentially buying the data of people who don’t know your business. After all, these people have not left their details on your company’s website. That makes you just as undesirable as a cold caller and thus causes the same frustrations.

However, there is another lurking when you buy leads. And you certainly don’t want to run that risk. If people receive an email from a company they do not know or have never contacted, there is a very real chance that they will refer that email to their spam box. If your e-mails are placed in a spam box several times, e-mail providers will also treat you as spam and put your domain on a blacklist that they share with other e-mail providers. And it is much more difficult to get off such a blacklist than you ended up on it. Or in other words, you really don’t want to run that risk. And to make matters worse, being blacklisted is also detrimental to your IP reputation and delivery rate.

Conclusion about lead generation with SEO?

The most important conclusion that you can take from this article is therefore: never buy leads. Never! Gathering leads naturally with your own website will take more time and effort, but in the end it will lead to truly tangible results. To impressive sales figures and branding of your company! And to the kind of satisfaction you feel only when you’ve made an effort. Have we piqued your curiosity and would you like to discover how to get started with lead generation? Contact our marketing experts today and receive tailor-made advice for successful lead generation!